Yoga Therapy for Stroke

Yoga Therapy for Stroke

A Handbook for Yoga Therapists and Healthcare Professionals

Arlene A. Schmid, Marieke Van Puymbroeck.


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A guide to yoga therapy for post-stroke rehabilitation, this book is for yoga teachers and yoga therapists, but also for occupational, recreational, physical and speech therapists who work with people with stroke and may integrate yoga into their practice. Rooted in evidence-based research and written by two yoga teachers who are also academics and researchers in rehabilitation, the book provides basic information about stroke and neuroplasticity, discusses the mind body disconnect that often occurs after stroke, and provides instruction on how to improve balance, strength and range of motion. It also covers effective meditation techniques to help overcome the stress and emotional impact of stroke. Clear photographs demonstrate yoga postures and activities specifically adapted for stroke patients, alongside case studies.


Arlene A. Schmid:
Arlene A. Schmid is an associate professor at Colorado State University. She has 20 years' experience as an occupational therapist and holds a doctorate in rehabilitation science. She is a registered yoga teacher, and uses her practice to develop and test yoga interventions for people with disabilities.

Marieke Van Puymbroeck is a Roy Distinguished Professor of Health Innovation Research, and the recreational therapy coordinator at Clemson University in South Carolina. She has 24 years' experience as a recreational therapist and has a PhD in rehabilitation science. She is a registered yoga teacher, and her research focuses on yoga as a therapeutic intervention for people with chronic disease and disabilities.