Daoyin Yangsheng Gong Shi Er Fa

12-Movement Health Qigong for all Ages

Compiled by the Chinese Health Qigong Associaton


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The 12-movement qigong form presented is taken from over 50 forms developed by Professor Zhang Guangde, one of the world's leading qigong teachers, and can be practised in both seated and standing positions.

The movements are graceful and easy to learn, and are based on the tenets of Chinese Medicine, working with the Zang Fu organs, the meridians, yin-yang, the Five Elements, and qi and blood. The book provides step-by-step, fully-illustrated instruction for both standing and seated practice, learning tips and health benefits for each movement, and also a brief account on the origins and characteristics of the exercises. The accompanying downloadable resources feature a video demonstrating the form and additional information on its history and origins, and provides options for verbal instructions to lead the practitioner through the exercises, or music to accompany them. Through integrating breathing exercises into Yangsheng, the 12 steps are effective for promoting good health, preserving life and cultivating the spirit, and they are suitable for all ages.

The book will be invaluable for people who wish to learn a simple yet powerful form, and for teachers looking for effective forms to teach groups, especially children, people with disabilities and older people.


Compiled by the Chinese Health Qigong Associaton:
The Chinese Health Qigong Association is dedicated to the popularization of and research into Health Qigong, and is a group member of the All-China Sports Federation. Its aim is to promote and carry forward the Chinese traditional culture of health promotion and facilitate the communication between Western and Eastern Cultures.



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