Chair Yoga Video

Chair Yoga Video

Seated Exercises for Health and Wellbeing

Edeltraud Rohnfeld


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Chair yoga is a revolutionary concept designed to make the numerous benefits of classical yoga available to a wider range of physical abilities. This step-by-step program can be practiced by virtually anyone, anywhere, in any chair, to stimulate physical and mental well-being.

Available for download from any smart device, these two 40-minute video sequences contain easy-to-master exercises that have been specially developed for people without the range of movement necessary for mat work. The exercises provide a gentle approach, whilst still retaining the numerous physical and mental benefits of classical yoga. The clear voiceover instructions and visual onscreen demonstrations guide the viewer through the routines, which can be carried out safely without any previous knowledge or yoga expertise.

These videos can be used alone or in groups and will be popular with anyone wanting to experience the health benefits of an easy, versatile form of yoga, particularly older people, people rehabilitating from illness or injury and those with physical disabilities, as well as the professionals who support them.


Edeltraud Rohnfeld:
Edeltraud Rohnfeld qualified as a yoga teacher at the Berlin Yoga Institute Asha Rekai in 1991. She taught private yoga classes in Berlin for 15 years and trained yoga teachers and healthcare professionals. She later specialised in chair yoga, learning from its founder Erika Hammerstroem. Edeltraud moved to Ireland in 2008 where she runs seminars on chair and classic yoga. Her website can be viewed at and her Chair Yoga book was published by Singing Dragon in 2011.



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