Osteopathic and Chiropractic Techniques for Manual Therapists

Osteopathic and Chiropractic Techniques for Manual Therapists

Giles Gyer, Jimmy Michael, Ricky Davis


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The first book ever to bring together the best techniques from chiropractic and osteopathy, this easy-to-use guide is necessary reading for any manual therapist wishing to hone their skills, and discover related techniques that will enhance their practice.

Offering practical step-by-step instruction on how to treat a full scope of musculoskeletal conditions, this duo-disciplinary guide draws on current anatomical and physiological research to bring all the most advanced and adaptive manipulation therapy techniques to your fingertips. Providing a brief history of the two central branches of manual therapy, it gives a valuable insight into how manipulation therapists can benefit from sharing ideas and integrating versatile techniques across practices, before providing clear, illustrated references for how to apply the methods on specific sections of the body.

Demonstrating how to relieve common ailments, recognise contraindications and take excellent safety precautions, this is the ideal companion for practitioners and students of manipulation therapy for the whole body.


Giles Gyer:
Giles Gyer is a specialist musculoskeletal osteopath. He travels around the world teaching manual therapy techniques with his CPD company OMT Training. His courses cover osteopathic spinal manipulation, articulation and advanced soft tissue techniques as well as dry needling. He is an internationally published author with books in dry needling, medical acupuncture and in osteopathic articulation techniques.

Jimmy Michael is a specialist musculoskeletal osteopath who holds degrees in Sports and Exercise Science and Osteopathy. As a senior lecturer with OMT training he has run courses for such organisations as the NHS, Liverpool FC and Manchester City FC. He also lectures internationally on various topics such as osteopathic articulation techniques, spinal and peripheral joint manipulation, medical acupuncture and advanced soft tissue techniques.

Ricky Davis is a clinical director and chiropractor consulting at Summit Wellbeing and Pure Sports Medicine in London. He has a special interest in lower limb biomechanics. Ricky is certified with CycleFit and the Titleist Performance Institute, working with cyclists, golfers and London Scottish rugby club. He is a lecturer at OMT Training teaching chiropractic manipulation techniques and is also a full member of the General Chiropractic Council, British Chiropractic Association, Royal College of Chiropractors and a member of the British Chiropractic Sports Council.



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