Applying Stems and Branches Acupuncture in Clinical Practice

Applying Stems and Branches Acupuncture in Clinical Practice

Dynamic Dualities in Classical Chinese Medicine

Joan Duveen


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Classical acupuncture according to the philosophy of the heavenly stems and earthly branches uses the fundamental, cyclical rhythms of nature and life as a foundation for health and development. This book is one of the first of its kind in the western world to offer a practical and scholarly approach to applying this philosophy to clinical practice.

This handbook guides the practitioner into a journey of better understanding of the self and provides the theoretical background to be able to confidently diagnose and treat patients. It offers invaluable insight into the use of Chinese philosophy, psychology and pulse diagnosis.

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Joan Duveen:
Joan Duveen has worked in healthcare since 1972, has practiced acupuncture in his private clinic since the 1980s and teaches Chinese medicine around the world. From an early age Joan was fascinated by Eastern philosophy, meditation and the relationship between body, mind and spirit. He believes and experiences that self-understanding through self-reflection and internal development is an integral part of Chinese medicine. In his teachings and treatments, he is also inspired by his professor in Chinese medicine Dr J.D. van Buren who taught him the theoretical, practical and philosophical principles of treating according to the philosophy of stems and branches. Joan believes it is important to keep the legacy of Dr van Buren's work alive.